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The “ParallaxController” is a tool for video game creators using Unity. It helps to create a depth effect, making some objects in the game seem closer while others seem further away. The tool is flexible, letting creators decide how fast different objects move, and it smoothly handles all the transitions. This makes games more visually interesting and immersive for players.


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Introducing our ParallaxController script – a dynamic and versatile tool designed for Unity 2D, offering creators an exciting way to enrich the visual depth and immersion of their games. Tailor-made to deliver an exceptional gaming experience, this script has the following unique features:

  • Depth Enhancement : Create a stunning parallax effect that increases the sense of depth in your 2D games, providing an immersive, 3D-like experience.
  • Layer-wise Control : Customize the parallax motion’s speed for each layer individually. This gives you complete control over how different elements in your scene move in relation to each other, making your game’s environment feel more dynamic.
  • Camera Link : The script smartly links with the main camera, adjusting the motion of the game layers in response to camera movements. This adds an extra layer of realism to your game’s world.
  • Smooth Transitions : With the ‘smoothing’ feature, the transition of layers appears seamless and fluid, delivering a visually pleasing motion effect.
  • Flexibility : The script works beautifully with both foreground and background objects, making it a truly versatile tool for game development.
  • Ease of Use : The setup is straightforward. Simply attach the script to the main camera, configure the settings for each layer, and let ParallaxController do the rest.
  • Customizable : The ParallaxController script offers customizability options in the Unity Inspector, where you can conveniently adjust settings like the ‘Smoothing’ value and layer Z-positions.


With the ParallaxController script, developers can breathe life into their 2D game environments, adding a new level of depth and engagement. Add it to your toolbox today, and give your players an unforgettable gaming experience!


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